Concrete Crusher

  • Fully interlocked, four point safety and security system.
  • Adjustacrush - Unique adjustable jaw gap (20 - 70 mm)
  • Dust suppressant system
  • 400mm by 400mm inlet
  • Easy to manoeuvre across site
  • Passes through a standard doorway
  • Kubota diesel engine
  • British design and manufacture

Concrete Crusher - Red Rhino

The 4000 series is a jaw action crusher that will crush a full UK kerbstone in approximately 60 seconds. Instant hydraulic adjustable jaws allow output product sizes to range from 20mm up to 80mm. Dust suppression is fitted as standard, by means of fine water spray nozzles utilising standard domestic hose pressure.

These crushers are ideal for landscape gardeners, small builders and developers. They are very simple to operate and incredibly cheap to run. The 4000 series simply cannot be matched for its reliability, performance and versatility by anything else in the market. Purchasing a 4000 series for small scale crushing is a very cost effective method of avoiding large muck away bills and bought in hardcore costs. Simply drive the crusher into position, select the desired output size, start the crusher and conveyor system and start to crush. Up and crushing in less than 5 minutes.

The 4000 series can pass through a doorway meaning back garden sites and awkward access areas can still be accessed. The 4000 series makes light work of reinforced concrete, brick, porcelain and other aggregate type products. It even crushes glass.


Jaw aperture of 400mm x 170mm
Average product size from 20mm to 80mm
Additional product sizes on request.
Hydraulic powered
Kubota 14.6HP 2cyl water cooled diesel engine, complies with EPA Tier 4 emissions
Output can be 6-8 tonnes per hour
No excavator needed to load the crusher


• Length: 3000 mm
• Width: 775 mm
• Loading Height: 1580 mm