Abracs fibre sanding discs

Zirconium sanding discs suitable for use on a range of materials including stainless steel. Ideal for use in hard to reach places. Require a backing pad adaptor.


Abracs hook and loop sanding discs

Industrial quality Hook & Loop Sanding Discs available in 125mm diameter, available with dust extraction holes or without. Suitable for use on a full range of materials including wood, metal, plastic and fibreglass. Packed and sold in 25s. Should be used with a suitable backing pad.

Available in 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 GRIT

Abracs resin sanding rolls

Industrial quality aluminium oxide Sandpaper Rolls. Manufactured using premium quality grain and sturdy, durable E-weight paper backing. Resin coated to resist heat and humidity. Abracs Sandpaper Rolls can be used on a multitude of materials including wood, metal, fibreglass and painted surfaces. Suitable for both hand and machine sanding.

Available in 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 GRIT

Abracs sanding belts

Extensive range of Aluminium Oxide Sanding Belts for use on portable sanders and large industrial sanders. Manufactured from premium quality materials and strong, durable cloth backing to ensure maximum performance and professional results. Suitable for use on a broad range of materials.


Abracs webbed abrasive mesh strips

Tough, waterproof Abrasive Mini strips. A high performance alternative to steel wool, emery and sandpaper. Waterproof, washable, non-clogging, open mesh abrasive that can be used on both sides in both wet and dry conditions. Suitable for use on a variety of different surfaces and materials especially copper and metal piples.


230mm x 38mm x 180g



Abracs wire brushes

Brass dipped crimp steel wire brushes suitable for angle grinders and other special machinery. The high-density crimped wire makes the brushes ideal for polishing, surface preparation and most other cleaning applications. All packed and sold individually. Also available in stainless steel.